Slot Machine: Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop

A Review of the Unpredictable Vikings 2 Dream Drop Slot

The Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop slot machine by Relax Gaming transports us once again to the halls of Valhalla. The slot is a sequel to the successful Volatile Vikings game and the third release to include the brand-new Dream Drop function. This jackpot element has been successful for the firm thus far, and with Volatile Vikings 2: Dream Drop, it will become a defining characteristic of the game. Is this game a worthy follow-up to the original? Does it successfully utilize the Dream Drop bonus? This review of Volatile Vikings 2: Dream Drop will tell you.

Designing a Risky Online Slot Game: The Vikings 2 Dream Drop

The original Volatile Vikings slot game’s design stood out at first glance. In the main game, players explored a frozen Nordic landscape, but in the bonus rounds, they were transported to a fiery Valhalla. In this case, Relax Gaming has chosen for a far more modest style. Two wooden window frames punctuate the dark stone grotto that serves as the game’s setting. Although this slot machine isn’t as visually striking as others, the visuals are noticeably clearer and more polished than those in older machines. The slot’s music is likewise much more upbeat and playful in Volatile Vikings 2: Dream Drop than it was in the first game.

The Unpredictable Vikings 2: Dream Drop Slot and How to Play

Volatile Vikings 2: Dream Drop is a fun game for fans of the Cluster Pays genre. Cluster Pays replaces standard paylines in this game, which takes place on a slightly modified 6×5 grid. Symbols pay out when they appear in groups of eight or more. The game uses a Cascading Win mechanism, which is similar to the Cluster Pays mechanisms seen in most slots. Once a winning cluster is established, the symbols within it will burst, releasing additional symbols onto the board. This process will repeat itself until there are no more winning clusters.

For bets ranging from $0.20 to $100, players need only click the coin icon in the game’s top-right corner. This betting spread is typical on high-quality online slot machines.

Swinging the Vikings 2: Dream Drop Mobile Slot’s Volatile Axes

You may play the mobile version of the Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop slot machine at any number of the best online casinos. The game is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems, mobile phones, and tablets.

Bonus Games for the Risky Vikings 2: Dream Drop Online Slot

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop, like its predecessor, has a wealth of extras. The Counter Multipliers come first. The Multiplier Symbol appears on Reels 3 and 4 on every spin. Both a multiplier and a counter, the two numbers on the symbol represent mathematical operations. With each successive victory, the counter will decrease by one. When it approaches zero, an explosion will occur, wiping out up to eight neighboring symbols. After everything is done, the sum of all multipliers on the grid will be paid out.

Players receive six free spins when three Scatters appear anywhere in the game, with an extra spin awarded for each subsequent Scatter. A sticky multiplier is applied to the reels, and all multipliers accumulate as the game progresses.

The last bonus, appropriately named Dream Drop, is this. Any spin at the roulette wheel might set this off. Players who activate this bonus round will spin a second set of reels with five progressive jackpots (named Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, and Mega). All of these prizes increase with time. The jackpot is won when all reels are completely covered with the DD symbols. Players need to get six matching symbols on the larger Mega reel to win the Mega jackpot.

Max Bet & Return To Player For Volatile Vikings 2: Dream Drop Slot

The sequel to the very flammable game flammable Vikings 2 lives up to its name. With progressive jackpots on offer, it’s hardly surprising that the game has a lower than average return to player percentage of 94.80%. A progressive jackpot is the highest possible payout for the slot machine. Aside from that, the free spins bonus may provide players a prize of up to 10,000x their initial wager.

Dream Drop Slot, Part 2: The Volatile Vikings Synopsis

The Dream Drop slot Volatile Vikings 2 lives up to the high standards set by its wildly popular prequel. The Dream Drop jackpot more than makes up for the slot’s less-than-exciting look in virtual form. The slot has a high potential for payouts, and the additional bonuses work well with the game’s Cluster Pays and Cascading Wins features. Relax Gaming has created a top-tier online slot machine, and you should play it at the best online casinos.

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