The great artificial intelligence game known as Wizdom Wonders has a Thai name, and PG SLOT translates it to mean the same thing.

However, most gamers term it a wizard slot game. The game is fueled by potions and wizards. And there will be several natural charms that magnify every reward. It is not difficult at all to win prizes. This game becomes yet another one with a significant amount of prize money.

This game is no different from the other PGSLOT games, it is a novel and easy approach to win rewards. Winning consecutive combos does not need the use of paylines. The primary table of the game is designed to seem like a slot machine with three reels. However, there are just two rows total. The winners of the game are selected by using six different books. if the pages of two books have the same symbol, the winner is determined by this. Offers the chance to win up to six different prizes at the same time, in addition to the option to string together winning combinations to boost one’s payout. Introducing a nice slot machine game: Slots Featuring the Mayan and Aztec Treasures

Icon Typical of Rewards Offered in Slot Machine Games Set in the Wizarding World

There are ten different basic prize symbols to collect in Wizarding Slots, and each one awards a different amount of money. Each book has a distinct winning formula. Every book has a total of two pages. Your reward will be determined by whether or not the identical symbol appears on both pages of the same book. And this game allows you to win up to six books at the same time. We are going to utilize the following to determine the payout rate for each symbol:

The reward for the symbol of the red frog is thirty times the wager.

The red spider emblem is worth 15 times the amount of profit.

Tokens obtained from poisonous mushrooms are worth twelve times as much.

The payoff for the symbol depicting the blue potion is a multiple of six.

The reward for the symbol of the green potion is a multiple of six.

A pay rate equal to the red label’s rate multiplied by three.

The payment for the symbol depicting the purple letter is three times the wager.

The payout rate for the symbol with the blue letters is two times the face value of the symbol.

The payout rate for the symbol with the blue letters is two times the face value of the symbol.

The probability of receiving a reward for green letter symbols is increased by a factor of two.

when the book received the award The book is going to be taken out of there and a new book is going to take its place. Because of this, it is now possible to win continuously as part of a combination that only requires an investment of one dollar and the pressing of a single spin button.

Characteristics unique to the video game Wizdom Wonders

There are three unique components that can be found in Wizdom Wonder. Each of these has its own one-of-a-kind method for accruing further rewards. The particulars of each distinguishing characteristic are detailed below.

Special Multiplier Feature

The unique multiplier function is displayed by a numbered bar at the top of the slot machine table. There is a multiplier that can range from 1x to 5x, and the number will move to the right if a combo is completed. After the initial win is multiplied by one, subsequent wins will be multiplied by two, three, four, and sometimes even five times, depending on how high the initial win was. until the turn’s combo concludes Learn about mobile slots that are simple, fast and current.

Destroying the spell property upon completion. In addition, the book that was promised as a reward has vanished. Every triumph unleashes a spell focused against the winning book. After completing the reward computation The magic will start working. There will be three types of spells:

The water elemental spell will destroy all books horizontally.

All books that are stacked vertically in a library can be destroyed by spells involving the fire element.

lightning elemental spell Will destroy a book at the same spot and another random book.

When a reward is received, each elemental spell will activate in a manner that is completely at random. when the book is destroyed Instead, a brand new book is going to be published. The game combo will restart. Because of this, it is quite simple to increase one’s chances of winning more prizes.

Bonus Functions for each and every Win The bonus power bar is going to go higher. When there are three wins in one turn The Mage Slot Machine Bonus Round has been activated. The screen will then transform into a cauldron, and you will have the option of selecting one of eight floating bubbles to interact with. Each bubble will be one of the following prizes:

Prize bubbles according to the number of numbers in each bubble. The winners are given their prizes straight away. This number can range anywhere from two to thirty times the value of your first stake.

More bubble choices Because of this, the number of times you can select the subsequent bubble will grow. You have the option of including two or three bubbles, and there are two different sorts to pick from.

After all of the unique features have been completed, Every prize will be combined again, and the game page will go back to how it looked when it first loaded.

So: Wizdom Wonders slot game review for people who desire something unusual. Want to play a game that is both simple and original? The most recent slot machine game released by PG, Wizdom Wonders, is the one that will satisfy your requirements the best. as a result of the one-of-a-kind playing style Even one game is easy to play. offering players the chance to win multiple prizes all at once And can also do combos to obtain consecutive rewards as well You may play this mage slot machine for free by entering PGSLOTAUTO’s DEMO MODE to explore the gameplay and how to play.

If you play till you know the technique to earn money from the game You may apply for membership to wager on this game or Jewels of Prosperity with real money on the homepage of the website or LINE@ 24 hours a day.

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